Jumat, 27 Desember 2013

Long-Term Diary [17-23 December 2013]

Yoooooo~ *puts a cool face*


Whatever -w-)
I'm back everyone!! I'm back!! *crawling to every person who reads this*
I'm sorry for posting the next month from my last post.. I'm just too busy to post, with packing for my camp in Singapore, and preparing this and that for Christmas!! >w<

Let me just summarize what happened in Singapore~
Ah, Singapore was great btw, and when it's filled with christmas atmosphere I just go "wow" and I couldn't say anymore than that. The street lights were so beautiful, and I'm really fortunate, because I stay in a hotel near Orchard Road, approximately 15-20 minutes walk from Orchard Road. The most irritating thing is that I can't contact anybody!! ( ;´Д`) Because its roaming there and the charge is quite an amount. That's why I don't wanna waste too much money on my cellphone. ( ̄▽ ̄)

Since I went there earlier than my other friends from my tuition, I spent my time to go shopping a bit. I went to Ion Orchard, Takashimaya ( Ngee Ann City ), hm.. And I forgot.
So I spent about 3 days to do sightseeing. ♪( ´▽`)

Senin, 25 November 2013

Shocking(?) Announcement!

Hello my faithful readers!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ /theyrenotyourfaithfulreadersman
Today I'm posting this to just let you know something!! Ah, I'm sorry about the lyrics I can't find anything new, probably I'll wait till' the 34th single's out!! >< Or do you want the 33rd single's lyrics? Its probably already anywhere in the web, just search and there you got them. (ーー;)

Okay, if I kept on going about the lyrics I will never get to the point of giving you the announcement. Wanna know? Pay me 100k first! ♪( ´▽`)
Just kidding. Just kidding.
Or did anyone took it in seriously and is ready to pay me now? /heh
See? Its out or topic again. Or probably I'm always out of topic to make this post longer? /plakked

Nah, the announcement that I want to announce is that.............

............................... *drum rolls*

Jumat, 15 November 2013

Diary [15 November 2013] English ver.

Helloooooooo~ I'm forced to post from my iPad since the Internet from my laptop is broken. It's totally miserable. I can't download video, anything, and being at home is really boring. Okay let's start today's diary'-')a

After that terrible love experience,
I've decided to move on.
Probably it's a rash decision,
But that's the only thing I can do.
And probably the person is really near to me,
Actually I just realize it,
Or maybe I don't want to realize,
But I really love him.
I don't know anymore.

It's just that things are getting weird around us.
And the atmosphere is different from the usual.
But... Well,
I still want us to be like before.
Please don't change.
If you're reading this,
And you realize that this is talking about you,
Please think over again.
I'm really begging.

Jumat, 04 Oktober 2013

Diary [4 Oktober 2013] Eng. ver

Okay~ I'm back!!

Suddenly I thought about writing my diary in English.
Well, it differs much... I think.
Isn't it about time to start?^^)*

Today, actually we should have our Science experiment.
But somehow its cancelled.
And I kinda get disappointed.
The teacher asked us to bring flowers, to be examined.
Yeah, and I brought a hell lot of flowers,
since my friends asked me to buy for them.
Well, you know I can't resist my friend's request,
but maybe there are some specific people whom I can resist.
Back to the story.
And I brought a hell lot of flowers, but in the end...

Senin, 30 September 2013

Sekedar inpoh(?)

Yo, sebenarnya Ao pengen ngebuat cerita.
Tapi bingung gitu mau buat cerita tentang apa.
Ada ide?
Comment yap~ /sengajalu /udahbiarcommentnyarame
Oke, bye-bye'-')9

Kobayashi Aoi

Diary [30 September 2013]

Yo~ Sedikit curhat(?) buat hari ini~

Sebenarnya kemaren maunya ngepost dari hape,
tapi entah kenapa hapenya ngelag terus-__-
Nggak jadi deh~
Trus tadi gue disuruh oleh si J*E*S*S*I*C*A sama G*R*A*C*E /gagalsensor
suruh buatin akun RP, tapi cuman ganti uname aja sihhh... /digebukin

Jumat, 13 September 2013

Diary [13 September 2013] Part 1

Halo semuanya, maaf sebulan gak update blog.

Sebulan ini sepak terjang Ao itu banyak banget.
Ao bener-bener tidak tahu apa yang terjadi.
Setelah ngestalk bbm dia, ternyata si dia udah punya pacar.
Yah, sebenarnya Ao tau.
Ao tau betul dia sudah punya pacar.
Tapi, yah, Ao hanya tidak ingin memercayainya.
Seminggu berlalu sejak Ao melihat status tersebut untuk pertama kalinya.
Ao tidak punya firasat apa-apa saat itu.
Benar-benar tidak punya perasaan apa-apa.

Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

Diary [2 Agustus 2013]


Sorry ya, udah lama gak ngepost.
Waktunya mepet soalnya:D
Sekarang Ao pengen curhat tentang hari ini.
Hari ini NYESEK banget.
Kenapa sih guru-guru pada marah-marahan?\
Gak ada kerjaan ya?
Kan orang punya hak untuk bicara.
Orang punya dan terlahir dengan mulut.
Kenapa kita tidak boleh berbicara?

Jumat, 26 Juli 2013

Diary [26 Juli 2013]


Sekarang Ao lagi ngepost gak ngegalau kali, tapi cukup galau.
Ao hanya merasa hari ini Ao sedang tidak mood.
Apakah Ao terlalu memikirkan kejadian tempo hari?
Haha.. Ao terlalu sentimentil, bukan?
Ao selalu diasingkan.
Hidup Ao terasa tidak berguna.
Untuk apa Ao hidup?

Kamis, 25 Juli 2013

Diary [25 Juli 2013]


Ao hari ini post gimana ya.
Hari ini Ao meminimalkan ketemu sama dia.
Ao cuma menghindari kesedihan.
Tapi, Ao tetap tidak bisa melupakannya.

Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

Diary [24 Juli 2013]


Hari ini Ao gak tau mau post gimana.
Hari ini ada yang senang ada yang sedih.
Ao udah memprediksi apa yang akan dijawab oleh teman Ao ketika ditanya.
Jawabannya bener-bener apa yang Ao pikir.
Ao juga.. Yah.. Sedikit terkejut walaupun sudah diperkirakan.

Selasa, 23 Juli 2013

Diary [23 Juli 2013]


Hari ini Ao bakal nge-post galau-galauan lagi.
Hari ini [23 Juli 2013] adalah ultahnya seseorang.
Ao ucapin ultah pagi-pagi sebelum berangkat lewat bbm ke dia.
Dia bilang thanks sih, tapi Ao tau itu gak tulus.

Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013

first day of school

yep, sesuai dengan judulnya, first day of school.
di postingan ini ao mau cerita tentang first day of school-nya ao.
yah, tidak sekelas dengan orang ini and itu adalah hal yang berbeda.
mungkin ao hanya terlalu berlebihan.
ao masuk kelas unggulan lagi.

Senin, 15 Juli 2013

Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka? - JKT48

Yoo minnaaa-san~ Genki desuka? #AuthorCliffHanger balik~ Hari ini gue pengen post lyrics lagi~ Entah kenapa(--,) Oke, kita langsung capcus(?) baca yakk~

Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka? -JKT48

Seperti apa hari iniyang telah di lewati
Pasti terfikir saat di jalan pulang
Meski ada hal sedih,
ataupun hal yang memberatkan
Tak apa asal yang bahagia lebih banyak
Karena tidak mau membuat
keluarga dan teman
Dan orang di sekitar jadi khawatir
Kau paksakan tersenyum
dan membuat kebohongan sedikit
Janganlah kau pendam semuanya di dalam hati…

Senin, 03 Juni 2013

The Last Dance (One Shot)

Hellooowwwwwww:3 Ao yang cantik nan pintar balik nihhh~~~~
Oke, ini sebenarnya bukan cerita karangan Ao, melainkan cerita karangan temen Ao yang bersedia(?) dan dengan baik hati membuatnya. Oke, tak usah diulur panjang-panjang, capcus yuuukkk~
NOTE : Cerita ini menggunakan nama pada cerita Dreams Come True, namun cerita ini dan itu TIDAK BERHUBUNGAN sama sekali.

The Last Dance

It was the night of the last school dance. I hoped I would get asked this year because it was my senior year, but it turned out I didn't get asked. But I was not going to miss my last dance because I didn't get asked. When I first arrived, I saw the flashing lights and everyone grinding in the center of the room. I stood by the end of the wall with a glass of punch. From time to time I would sway with the music having my dress flow. It's been about 3 hours and the night was about over until the DJ called out,

"Alright guys! Let's settle some things down with a slow jam. So find a partner and let's finish this dance off!"

Everyone began gathering in the center of the floor and the girls put their hands around their date's necks while the boys placed their hands on the waist. I just stared at all the couples as I sulked in my loneliness. I thought I'd be okay about being alone, but I really wasn't. As I pondered deeper and deeper I felt a single tear drop roll down my cheek. Then it came to silent streams of tears strolling down my face.

"Didn't wanna dance either?" I heard someone said.

I looked up and saw a guy with blonde dishelved hair and an unbuttoned dress shirt. I soon realized that it was Julio. I've known him a while. Actually we've been in all the same classes since the fourth grade, but I can accurately say he doesn't even know I exist. Lately he's been in this boy band and has been traveling around the world for a while, but he wanted to make it to the last dance of the school year, so I heard, so I guess he decided to attend with this girl he has always had a thing with whenever he came home. He quietly sipped his drink while I could still feel the tears streaming down my face. He started talking again,

"Damn, I actually wanted this night to be good. Feel normal again. Well, I guess this is as normal its gonna get huh?"

I scoffed, "Normal? Believe me, you don't wanna be normal. You're so lucky you're doing what you're doing."

He looked at me and replied, "It's not that I don't feel lucky, it's just I wanted to feel like a normal student for the last time you know?"

I just simply shook my head because I simply don't know how that felt.

He chuckled, "Maybe I'm just crazy." I let a small laugh that made him look at me.

"You're Angie, aren't you?"

I was surprised, "You know who I am?"

"Well duh? We've been in the same classes since like what? Elementary school? And our moms' are friends."

"Really? I didn't know our moms' are friends." I chuckled. "So where's your date?" I asked bitterly.

"I have no clue. What about you?"

This sparked the tears back to my eyes, "Don't have one."

"Ahh I see. No one was good enough for you so you shut them all down?"

"Actually, I didn't get asked." Feeling the tears roll down my face faster.

He looked at me once again with a shocked expression.

"You really didn't get asked here tonight?"

I silently shooked my head as I kept my head down. He could tell I was crying.

"Hey look at me." I lifted my head up. "Don't cry, you don't wanna mess your make up."

He swiped tears away with his thumb. This gesture left me hazed in his brown orbs that were staring directly into my brown eyes.

"How about we make this last dance worth it?" He grabbed my hand and led me into the middle of the dance floor. As we made our way through the center, I could feel eyes staring at us. It was a weird sight to see, even for me. Having Julio Parker leading me into the dance floor to dance with ME. When we got in the middle, he wrapped my arms around his neck and brought his hands to my waist. I've seen this happen so many times but never imagined that it would be happening to me.

He brought his lips close to my ear and said,

"These lads are all crazy for not asking you out tonight. You look stunning."

This made me blush and complemented him back,

"You don't look so bad yourself, Parker." it was cute seeing the red in his cheeks slowly rise as he blushed. But suddenly a wave of curiosity hit me and I spontaneously asked,

"If all this guys should have asked me, why didn't you? Did you not remember me till' tonight?"

He sheepishly looked at me, "I don't know why I didn't ask you. I guess I just thought you already had a date. And so you know, I've always remembered you. When we were in fourth grade you always had little bow on your head that were uneven and you always wore pink overalls." He chuckled and added on, "you always never had you shoe laces tied so you would always fall down." He couldn't stop laughing and he wouldn't stop until I swatted him across the shoulder. He gave a what? Look. To admit, I do remember those overalls and always falling over.

"Can I tell you a secret?"

I nodded.

"I never forgot about you because you were always the girl I thought I could never get. And plus, our moms' were always trying to set us up." he said with a wink, "And I wasn't lying when I said I want to ask you. I really did think you were going with someone already and I was just simply too much of a nerd to ask you."

I was so surprised that Julio actually remembered me. He thought about me the way I thought about him. I always thought that he was that boy I would never be able to get either. But it made me tingle all over to know that he felt the same about me.

He began trying to apologize again, but I shushed him.

"It's alright Julio. I'm just happy that you think of me the way I think of you."

His brown orbs lighted up hearing me saying that I had mutual feelings as well. I don't know who leaned in first but I felt our lips touch. It wasn't like all the teenagers around us who were sucking each other's face off. It was short and sweet. His lips were thin, but still felt like soft pillows against my own lips. I felt warm and comfortable around him. Our bodies fit so well together as we brought our bodies closer to each other. I rested my head on his shoulder and he laid his chin on top of my head. We swayed our bodies together like one as the last song ended.

"Merci, Julio. Jet'aime." I said quietly.

I guess this last dance wasn't so bad for both of us as we thought it would be.


Note : Some parts are modified.

Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

Akhir ujian SUDAH DATANG!

Hellow pembaca sejati kuhh~ Kali ini Ao sempatin post disini. Meskipun seharusnya Ao buka internet buat main game belajar, Ao diem-diem buka blog. (KIDS DON'T FOLLOW THIS ACTION) Ao jadi "Bad Girl Of The Day" deh hari ini-_-

Sesuai dengan judul diatas *melongo*, Ao gak bakal ngerocos OOT (baca : Out Of Topic) deh. Bad girls gone good. *bukannya Good Girls Gone Bad?*
Sebenarnya, 2 pos terakhir ini Ao pos secara diam-diam(?) dan nyempatin waktu sebelum tidur. Penyebabnya adalah :

Jumat, 24 Mei 2013

AKB48 31st Single "Sayonara Crawl"


AKB48's new single "Sayonara Crawl" was released in Japan on May 22, 2013. This single has been shipped for 2.3 million of copies which updated "Manatsu no Sounds Good" which was shipped 2 million copies on its first day of release.

Dreams Come True_2

Yuuhuu~ Haihai~ Pada rindu gak sama Ao? #plak Sori Ao ngepost sambungannya agak lama soalnya Ao diterpa(?) ujian yang melanda(?) kelas Ao:D #plak #apaankauao Oke, nggak usah banyak bacot(?) lagi Ao lanjutin ceritanya yo~

Sambungan dari post sebelumnya........

Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

Dreams Come True_1

Yoo~ Entah kenapa gue lagi mood ngepost cerita-_- Sebenarnya udh banyak draft sih di buku catatan gue, males aja ngeposnya. Dengan dorongan(?) temen gue, akhirnya gue coba pos ceritanya disini. Maaf kalau gabagus ya. Gue masih pemula kok._.v

"Apa dia akan dateng hari ini?" tanyaku. "Hem? Entahlah... Tapi dia harus dateng. Harus." jawab temanku. -- Aku, ya. Namaku adalah Angie. Aku duduk dikelas VII. Hem.. Bagaimana menjelaskannya ya? Gue baru aja dapet gebetan.. Mungkin dia tidak begitu memperhatikanku, tapi mungkin hal itu berganti bukan?

Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013







Yo! Hari ini gue cuma bakal ngepost sekilas tentang semalem.
Nah, semuanya dimulai dari kecerobohan(?) gue dan temen gue. Sebenernya kan kami mau ngerjain seseorang, dia malah buat kaya aku suka gitu sama dia.. Yah-_- Akhirnya ketahuan gitu, dan aku juga yang kena(T ^ T) Dan gue juga yang kena ejek sama temen sekelas._.v
Then.... Gue bakal kembali dengan hidup gue yang seperti yang lalu-lalu... Ejekan... #lebaylu
Dan... Gue gaberani liat mukanya.. #apaan
Yang baca wajib ngasih pulsa 50k! Eh, gausah deh, 25k bisa kali~ #eh #halah

Byee~ Let's meet in the next post~ '-')/

Just for info~

Yuuhuuu~ Yo guys~ Sehubungan dengan gue udah malas atau apalah ituuuu... Gue gak bakalan...

1. Lanjutin Prequel cerpen gue. Capek ngerjainnya. Gue udah konsentrasi buat cerpen tentang kelas gue. Sama ................ *isi sendiri yaa:p* Lagipula draftnya udah hilang-_-

2. Gue bakal ngepost ........................ *isi sendiri lagii sana* /digeplak/

Nah... Sekian pemberitahuannya~ Jangan marah nih /emang siapa mau marah/~
Pokoknya gomenasai~!

Salam cerpen(?),
#AuthorCliffHanger '-')/ 

Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

Curcolan ga penting.

Konbanwa. Hari ini gue pengen curcol sendiri. Otak udh ngelag. Yang ga peduli, jangan baca. Yang pengen tau, jangan baca juga. Tebak aja sendiri apa isinya.
Nah, pokoknya habis ini.. Curcolan ga penting.

Hm.. Mulai dari mana eaa?
Dari awal masuk sekolah bisa kali ya.. Nah, kan gue punya temen gitu, pokoknya dia deket banget deh sama gue. Tiba-tiba habis liburan semester yang lamanya itu wow banget, tiba-tiba dia berubah banget. #emangpowerranger #hiyaatt Dia tiba-tiba jadi dingin.. Trus kalo dicakapin gitu dia ngehindar.
Dafuq banget tau. Pengen dihajar tuh mukanya, tapi.. yasudahlah. Aku masih anak baik(?) sama dia. Aku kasih dia second chance gitu. Nah, pas makan siang gue hajar kerjain dia. Pokoknya dia kasihan ngenes banget! *evil laugh* Tapi.. yah.. Gue sedih juga. Bagaimana pun, gue pernah temenan sama dia, gue pernah sharing sama dia. Tapi dia yang gak ngehargai gue. Fine. Dia yang milih kan? Fine.

Okesip minna, gue eksit. Nanti entar minna pojokin gue. Bye.
Salam cerpen,
#AuthorCliffHanger '-')/

Sabtu, 26 Januari 2013

Don't Wanna Lie - B'z Lyrics

Helo-helo~ #AuthorCliffHanger balik lagi kesini~
Kali ini gue mau ngepost lyrics lagu, tapi jangan marah ya soalnya ini lagu Jepang~ XD #plak
Oke-oke, cukup basa basinya, cekidot yakk~

Don't Wanna Lie - B'z

Hito ni wa sorezore samazama yuzurenu mono ga ari
Sore wo mamorinuku tame nara tatakau no ga honnou

Boku to kitara gomakashi tsuzuke mou nan nen tatsu darou

Don't wanna lie Don't wanna lie ikiteru to kanjiteitai
I wanna try I wanna try kono kokoro ni muchi uttemiyou
Asu wo kaeru moment sore ga ima kamo ne

Nani wo gisei ni dekiru no ka kimerare mo sezu ni
Dore hodo no chie to yuuki ga boku ni wa aru no ka

Tsutaenakute wa ikenai koto wo wasurete wa inai yo

Don't wanna die Don't wanna die mucha na koto suru wake ja nai
I wanna try I wanna try YES to sakebu tatoeba sonna koto
Tobira wo hiraku moment sore ga ima kamo ne

Yayakoshii no wa yo no naka janakute kono atamannaka

Ushinau made kizukanai sore koso ga egatai mono
Nagareyuku chinmoku no toki dare mo oshietekurenai timing

Don't wanna lie Don't wanna lie ikiteru to kanjiteitai
I wanna try I wanna try kimi to tomo ni aruite yukitai
Jinsei wo kimeru moment sore ga ima kamo ne

Yo, yang mau download lagu ini.. Klik kesini eapsss --> http://www.j-mp3.info/2011/05/bz-dont-wanna-lie.html

Oke, pesan terakhir(?) dalam pos ini...
Jangan lupa ngepost comment dan kalau ada sesuatu yang pengen aja atau pengen banget *alaynya kumat* tau.. Feel free to ask!

Salam cerpen,
#AuthorCliffHanger '-')/