Selasa, 25 Februari 2014

Thank you everyone!

Hi everyone!

I just realized that my previous post : SEE THE LIGHTS - ASY ft. IA has the most clicks in my blog with a shocking number of 305 clicks in one month!
I'm really thankful to everybody who spared their time to read my blog, and of course I'm really happy that people find my blog interesting and useful (just one post though lol)!

It's the first time for me to have such giant clicks for my posts. And I can't convey my happiness in words to everybody who's reading this now.
I'll definitely find another interesting song lyrics to write here.
Please give out your thoughts by commenting!
Please continue to support me!

See you in the next post,
Kobayashi Aoi '-')/

Sabtu, 22 Februari 2014

I'm back!


I changed my blog's template again~
Actually I already changed it, different from this a couple of hpurs ago, but it goes error and the background changed and they wrote "Upgrade to Plus to receive additional bandwidth". Guess they (the people who made the template) uploads the file to image hosting. What a drag.

I forgot.
I supposed to have copied pictures from my friend about this monday -_-
I do Bali dance perfomance on Monday and I took a hell lot of pictures...