Jumat, 04 Oktober 2013

Diary [4 Oktober 2013] Eng. ver

Okay~ I'm back!!

Suddenly I thought about writing my diary in English.
Well, it differs much... I think.
Isn't it about time to start?^^)*

Today, actually we should have our Science experiment.
But somehow its cancelled.
And I kinda get disappointed.
The teacher asked us to bring flowers, to be examined.
Yeah, and I brought a hell lot of flowers,
since my friends asked me to buy for them.
Well, you know I can't resist my friend's request,
but maybe there are some specific people whom I can resist.
Back to the story.
And I brought a hell lot of flowers, but in the end...

We didn't have the experiment!
What the heck?!
And there a tear was about to roll down my cheek.
Well, at last the teacher told me how to keep the flower until tuesday.
But I totally forgot to bring it home!!
And in the car, I was like.. "AHH!'
Oh my god, I'm afraid that the cleaning service will throw it!!
If they really throw it then its the end.
But my mother said that maybe I should go buy the new one.
Since the florist is in front of our house.
So, that's how my life today goes.
Nothing extraordinary.
But whatever, I'm the extraordinary girl living in an ordinary world. /heh
Life must go on. #AoTeguh /eh
Okay, its about time to sleep, and by the way,
Tomorrow I don't have Japanese course!!TT^TT
I'm crying a hell lot here!! *takes tissue*
But its okay, I can sleep longer.

Okay, see you in the next post!'-')9

Kobayashi Aoi

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