Senin, 03 Juni 2013

The Last Dance (One Shot)

Hellooowwwwwww:3 Ao yang cantik nan pintar balik nihhh~~~~
Oke, ini sebenarnya bukan cerita karangan Ao, melainkan cerita karangan temen Ao yang bersedia(?) dan dengan baik hati membuatnya. Oke, tak usah diulur panjang-panjang, capcus yuuukkk~
NOTE : Cerita ini menggunakan nama pada cerita Dreams Come True, namun cerita ini dan itu TIDAK BERHUBUNGAN sama sekali.

The Last Dance

It was the night of the last school dance. I hoped I would get asked this year because it was my senior year, but it turned out I didn't get asked. But I was not going to miss my last dance because I didn't get asked. When I first arrived, I saw the flashing lights and everyone grinding in the center of the room. I stood by the end of the wall with a glass of punch. From time to time I would sway with the music having my dress flow. It's been about 3 hours and the night was about over until the DJ called out,

"Alright guys! Let's settle some things down with a slow jam. So find a partner and let's finish this dance off!"

Everyone began gathering in the center of the floor and the girls put their hands around their date's necks while the boys placed their hands on the waist. I just stared at all the couples as I sulked in my loneliness. I thought I'd be okay about being alone, but I really wasn't. As I pondered deeper and deeper I felt a single tear drop roll down my cheek. Then it came to silent streams of tears strolling down my face.

"Didn't wanna dance either?" I heard someone said.

I looked up and saw a guy with blonde dishelved hair and an unbuttoned dress shirt. I soon realized that it was Julio. I've known him a while. Actually we've been in all the same classes since the fourth grade, but I can accurately say he doesn't even know I exist. Lately he's been in this boy band and has been traveling around the world for a while, but he wanted to make it to the last dance of the school year, so I heard, so I guess he decided to attend with this girl he has always had a thing with whenever he came home. He quietly sipped his drink while I could still feel the tears streaming down my face. He started talking again,

"Damn, I actually wanted this night to be good. Feel normal again. Well, I guess this is as normal its gonna get huh?"

I scoffed, "Normal? Believe me, you don't wanna be normal. You're so lucky you're doing what you're doing."

He looked at me and replied, "It's not that I don't feel lucky, it's just I wanted to feel like a normal student for the last time you know?"

I just simply shook my head because I simply don't know how that felt.

He chuckled, "Maybe I'm just crazy." I let a small laugh that made him look at me.

"You're Angie, aren't you?"

I was surprised, "You know who I am?"

"Well duh? We've been in the same classes since like what? Elementary school? And our moms' are friends."

"Really? I didn't know our moms' are friends." I chuckled. "So where's your date?" I asked bitterly.

"I have no clue. What about you?"

This sparked the tears back to my eyes, "Don't have one."

"Ahh I see. No one was good enough for you so you shut them all down?"

"Actually, I didn't get asked." Feeling the tears roll down my face faster.

He looked at me once again with a shocked expression.

"You really didn't get asked here tonight?"

I silently shooked my head as I kept my head down. He could tell I was crying.

"Hey look at me." I lifted my head up. "Don't cry, you don't wanna mess your make up."

He swiped tears away with his thumb. This gesture left me hazed in his brown orbs that were staring directly into my brown eyes.

"How about we make this last dance worth it?" He grabbed my hand and led me into the middle of the dance floor. As we made our way through the center, I could feel eyes staring at us. It was a weird sight to see, even for me. Having Julio Parker leading me into the dance floor to dance with ME. When we got in the middle, he wrapped my arms around his neck and brought his hands to my waist. I've seen this happen so many times but never imagined that it would be happening to me.

He brought his lips close to my ear and said,

"These lads are all crazy for not asking you out tonight. You look stunning."

This made me blush and complemented him back,

"You don't look so bad yourself, Parker." it was cute seeing the red in his cheeks slowly rise as he blushed. But suddenly a wave of curiosity hit me and I spontaneously asked,

"If all this guys should have asked me, why didn't you? Did you not remember me till' tonight?"

He sheepishly looked at me, "I don't know why I didn't ask you. I guess I just thought you already had a date. And so you know, I've always remembered you. When we were in fourth grade you always had little bow on your head that were uneven and you always wore pink overalls." He chuckled and added on, "you always never had you shoe laces tied so you would always fall down." He couldn't stop laughing and he wouldn't stop until I swatted him across the shoulder. He gave a what? Look. To admit, I do remember those overalls and always falling over.

"Can I tell you a secret?"

I nodded.

"I never forgot about you because you were always the girl I thought I could never get. And plus, our moms' were always trying to set us up." he said with a wink, "And I wasn't lying when I said I want to ask you. I really did think you were going with someone already and I was just simply too much of a nerd to ask you."

I was so surprised that Julio actually remembered me. He thought about me the way I thought about him. I always thought that he was that boy I would never be able to get either. But it made me tingle all over to know that he felt the same about me.

He began trying to apologize again, but I shushed him.

"It's alright Julio. I'm just happy that you think of me the way I think of you."

His brown orbs lighted up hearing me saying that I had mutual feelings as well. I don't know who leaned in first but I felt our lips touch. It wasn't like all the teenagers around us who were sucking each other's face off. It was short and sweet. His lips were thin, but still felt like soft pillows against my own lips. I felt warm and comfortable around him. Our bodies fit so well together as we brought our bodies closer to each other. I rested my head on his shoulder and he laid his chin on top of my head. We swayed our bodies together like one as the last song ended.

"Merci, Julio. Jet'aime." I said quietly.

I guess this last dance wasn't so bad for both of us as we thought it would be.


Note : Some parts are modified.