Sabtu, 22 Februari 2014

I'm back!


I changed my blog's template again~
Actually I already changed it, different from this a couple of hpurs ago, but it goes error and the background changed and they wrote "Upgrade to Plus to receive additional bandwidth". Guess they (the people who made the template) uploads the file to image hosting. What a drag.

I forgot.
I supposed to have copied pictures from my friend about this monday -_-
I do Bali dance perfomance on Monday and I took a hell lot of pictures...

Then I'll upload it during my comeback sometime. #killed

No, no.
I'll upload it as soon as possible.
After I get the USB.

This week is test. I am really REALLY dead.
Guess my brain's gonna explode if I add more of it.
But I'll be relaxing this weekend and try to remove the burdens since tests will only be until Tuesday \w/

By the way, AKB48's 35th single is titled Maeshika Mukanee, right?
I'm really looking forward to it!!
I already see the cover pictures and it seems that the single's gonna be interesting.
And its the last single of Oshima Yuko since she'll be graduating.
And I'm also looking forward to the solo number of Oshima Yuko in the type C.

Actually I wanted to post some more...
But oh well, the time is not on my side.
I'll try to post more next time.

See you in the next post,
Kobayashi Aoi '-')/

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